Live video streaming functionality in a Mendix App

I would like to build live streaming functionality into a mendix native app. The use case is: a remote user relays live video using their smartphone and mendix app to a remote expert who provides issue resolution assistance. Can this be achieved with mendix and if so, what are the starting points and route to take? I’d appreciate some advice please.
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Hi Gareth,

The Mendix server will not help you to do video streaming. Streaming and forwarding live video is a complex solution and could probably not build from scratch but should use a 3rd party solutions that can be integrated in your app.

There is already a module for this in the App Store.  and 

To implement this in the Native module you might need to some effort.

Or use the web view widget , might give you an quick escape to embed some HTML

To learn how to build a widget for the native apps, you could follow this tutorial 

Cheers, Andries