Native mobile & Non-persistable objects created in a microflow

Hello, I am trying to implement a native app that shows data from REST API calls via the "call microflow from nanoflow" action. In the first call I get a list of assets including an assetId. I store this data in non-persistable entities. This works as expected. I then show the data in a list view. Next I want to do another API call to get additional data for one of these assets. So I created a nanoflow with an entity Asset as parameter and call another microflow that should perform the API call (this call needs that at least the assetId). In a non-native Mendix app, that would work. In my native app, I get the following error: An error occurred while executing nanoflow data source for widget NativeMobile.Details_2.dataView2: Non-persistable objects created in a microflow can't be passed to another microflow Any ideas how to solve this? I can't use persistent entities because this is not supported.
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Non-persistable objects created in a microflow can't be passed to another microflow ? Why this is not possible, there is probably a very valid technical reason for it.

My first attempt would be to take the objects received in the first call. Pass them on from the microflow to the nanoflow. In the nanoflow, copy-paste the objects, and see if these objects, now created by a nanoflow, are ok to get passed to a microflow.