List view refresh in native mobile application

Hi All, I am working in displaying response from an API in a react native page and I have implemented this using a nanoflow as data source. The data is displayed using a Non persistable entity so it is not possible to maintain a helper object and adding/retrieving data from it,   Any idea on how to refresh the list view data or the react native page would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance!
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I am also facing the same issue currently. Were you able to solve it?


First, please start a new topic instead of grabbing one that's two years old.


You can use the ‘Refresh entity’ JavaScript action from NanoflowCommons to force a refresh. Alternative is to use a non-persistent page context object, make sure the page context object is passed into your datasource nanoflow and commit that object from the point where you want to force an update.

I always have a non persistent entity that I use as context for the entire native app. With the new multiple page parameter feature in 9.18 this becomes more convenient.

You may want to consider an upgrade to 9.18. There are many great improvements, especially for native.