measureLayoutRelativeToContainingList threw an error

Hi all! In our native app we get the following warning: measureLayoutRelativeToContainingList threw an error value@ _onLayout@ _handleLayout@ b@ k@ C@ N@ A@ z@ _e@ Ne@ Ue@ receiveEvent@ value@ value@ value@ value@[native code]   This is on a page where we have a list view nested inside another listview. The outer listview shows a student's courses, and clicking on one of the items wil expand the test results for said course, showing the nested list view (which until then is hidden with conditional visibility). Expanding the nested list causes a lot of white space to appear underneath the top level list view. This doesn't happen when we show all items right away, without the use of conditional visibility. However, we want to have the option to collapse and expand the results.  Does anyone know what this warning means and also how we can solve the issue regarding the white space? We have this exact functionality built in our Hybrid app without any issues, yet in native it causes this problem.  To summarize: We have a page with a scrollcontainer (because there is also more on the page than the mentioned list views). Inside that scroll container there is a listview. Nested inside that listview is another one which is hidden or shown using conditional visibility. Both list views have scroll direction vertical as this is necessary for the way we need to show the results. When the nested list view contains more than one object, a lot of white space appears underneath the top level list view.   Anyone has an idea how to solve the warning and the white space issue? Our Mendix version is 8.13.1 (but we tested it and it still occurs is 8.14.1)   I tried adding a screenrecording but I can only add images, so hopefully it's clear enough like this:
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