flexGrow native mobile not working anymore

Hi all,  In our app is a list which contains 3 to 10 items. This depends to which work shift the user is assigned. The list items are styled as buttons which should line up at the top and take the full witdh. This is accomplished by flexGrow and the properties of the list set to vertical and 10 columns. This is the code of the listitems:   export const ListViewButtonbar = { container: { borderWidth: 2, borderColor: background.primary, borderRadius: border.radius, }, listItem: { flexGrow: 1, borderRadius: border.radius, borderRightWidth: 1, borderLeftWidth: 1, borderColor: background.primary, paddingTop: 7.4, paddingBottom: 7.4 } } The items should scale bigger or smaller when there are more or less items in the list. We used a vertical list with 10 columns. The list was doing what we wanted him to do: it scaled to the number of items in the list. If there were 3 items in the list, the list had 3 columns that used the complete with of the screen. When there were 10 items, the 10 columns used the complete width of the screen. These are screenshots of how is was: In version 8.14 and 8.15 this changed. The columns don't scale anymore with the number of items in the list. I think the flexGrow: 1 is not working anymore. Does anyone know how I can accomplish again that the items scale up to the number of items in the list? Thanks! Kolien
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This issue will be fixed in Mendix 8.16