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Hi, I want to know if there is a way to retrieve objects that are yet to be synchronized or objects failed to synchronize due to conflicts. I want this information to re initiate the synchronization after resolving conflicts/fixing errors if any. For example, as per below text from Offline-First , Synchronization fails if there are any reference uncommitted objects. In this scenario how I can find all such objects and let the user re commit the objects so that synchronization is successful. when a committed City object refers to an uncommitted Country object, synchronizing the City object will yield an invalid Country object reference, which will break the app’s data integrity. If a synchronization is triggered while data integrity is broken, the following error message will appear (indicating an error in the model to fix): “Sync has failed due to a modeling error. Your database contains objects that reference uncommitted objects: object of type City (reference City_Country).” To fix this, such objects must also be committed before synchronizing (in this example, Countryshould be committed before synchronizing).
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When this happens, it's an indication of a modeling error, and not something the user should worry about. First you should check your logic and make sure all (referenced) objects that you want to sync are committed before you start the sync.