Error with running React-native app,

Hi all, I’ve encounter an error running the app after being build using the native builder in  Mendix 1.15.1. When I try and start up the app, it stops and shows a “contact admin” message. I went ahead and build the app in Android Studio to check and the following error was displayed in the trace:  E/ReactNativeJS: 'undefined is not an object (evaluating \'Object.keys(t)\')', 'keys@[native code]\\\\\\\\\\\\\ncallImmediates@[native code]\\\\\nvalue@[native code]\nvalue@[native code]' I have been not been successful finding an answer myself. This problem occurs on Android (I have not been able to test an iOS build) / Mendix version 1.15.1 using the build in “build Native app v.1.0.49” Any help is appreciated,  Regard, Floris
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Is the runtime revision the same as the revision you've based your build on?