Native Builder - How to add NPM dependency libraries to Github repository

Hello Team, I’m trying to build apk using Native builder for Mendix version 15.2. My project has custom Javascript action, which depends on external npm modules. When I clone the repo and install node modules the git is not recognizing the files to upload. How can I add node_modules folder to git repo ?   I even tried adding from browser and built the application. But the apk is not recognizing the added node libraries. Constantly saying null is not an object when I click the functionality. Suggest me If you have any idea on this. 
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You need to run npm install in your native build project. You need these:

  • react-native-fs
  • react-native-file-viewer


There is no need to run npm install in the Mendix project as the module brings along the javascript files.

The only outgoing changes will be package.json and package-lock.json. Be sure to commit and push to the repo. If you then build in appcenter it should work. If you build yourself, locally, you need to run pod install in the ios folder for iOS. For Android, don't forget to sync the project with the gradle files.


Did you follow the steps described here?