Apk Crash after splash screen - An error ocurred, please contact your system administrator

Hi everyone, i created a simple native app with Studio Pro 8.16 with just one page. When i run the project i can view it correctly in Make it Native app, but when i build and install the apk in Android (8.1.0), the app crash after the splash screen. I readed the android logs but i cant find the error. I checked the security in the app but i cant find problems. Can anyone help me to find de problem here?  I leave below some images so you can see the configuration Thanks in advance! The error   The page   The security Build Native App configuration   My configuration in AppCenter   The Buid Native App configuration    
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Try debugging the app using logcat to see what error occurs when you start the app.
Before building apk file, make sure your latest app is deployed to the Mendix sandbox cloud i.e., Run the app in studio pro
For the debugging tutorial please visit: