Timeout settings for calling a webservice from mobile apps

Hi there,   we are in the process of going live with our (Hybrid) App, and just before release one of our testers found a rather anooying bug. Sometimes, calls to certain webservices would fail, or in some cases, they would always fail. It are the same calls, yet the amount of data that is returned, and with that the amount of time needed to return this data is different. This thread suggests (https://community.mendix.com/link/questions/92027)  that there is a 5 second timeout globally for Mobile apps. I cannot however find where to adjust this setting, as simply upping the number to 10 would remove this issue for us. Off course making the webservice call faster is the best solution, but this isn not feasable in the time we have for our go-live. Is anybody aware if the above is true, and if its possible to adjust the setting for this? As extra info, its a SAP OData call, which has its timeout settings on 60 seconds, when we test the app on the webversion, it uses this 60 second rule, on mobile, it doesnt.  
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