Native App -> Rollback object activity is not deleting the uncommitted System.Image entity objects

Hi I am getting Your database contains objects that reference uncommitted objects error when my entity is associated to System.Image entity in Native App. I observed that Rollback is not able to delete the uncommitted Image entity objects. Below given are the App details and steps to reproduce this issue Domain Model Page: Steps to reproduce: Open create Item dialog Fill in input fields Take one or two pictures by clicking on “Take Picture” button Now click on “Cancel” button to cancel the changes. After this step if we execute Synchronize action then it throws the error mentioned above. I believe Cancel button should take care of rolling back the changes but looks like its not happening for System.Image entity then I configured Cancel button action to trigger a nanoflow and inside nanoflow retrieved all Image objects associated to Item object and invoked “Rollback” activity for each image object. Even this did not help me fix this error.  Any suggestion on how to fix this error?
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