How to emit new events and add event listener to cordova bundle.js

Hi, all. We are making the cordova application more customized. But I found the bundle.js is not a source code file. We have a API to push data to the cordova application, invoke specific activity and we want to call mxui.js to call microflows, to open a page. But we find no way to call the mxui client to call a microflow, because we cannot figure out how and when to call the code snippet as follows:{ params: { applyto: "selection", actionname: "AlarmManagement.ACT_OpenAlarmDetail", guids: [event.extras.EventGUID] }, origin: this.mxform, callback: function(obj) { // expect single MxObject // alert(obj.get("manufacturer")); }, error: function(error) { // alert(error.message); } })  
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