Custom Styling for Native App Scroll Container Scrollbar

In a native app page, I have a scroll container. This container displays some data in blue blocks as shown in the attached picture. At a time 5 blocks are visible on screen and for the next data user needs to scroll. However, the scrollbar does not always display and there is no indication to the user that this container is scrollable and there is more data available. Only when user begins to scroll (swipe), the grey scrollbar appears and hides again when user stops scrolling (swipe). I want to make scrollbar always visible if a container is having more items. Sometimes it has only 5 blocks of data, in that case scrollbar should not appear. If its >5 scrollbar should be visible at first load before user touches/swipe the screen. Also I would like to customize the scrollbar color, as the gray color does not contrast with my white background.  I have checked properties of scroll container in Native App Styling but could not find anything about customization of the scrollbar. It only allows styling of the container like changing background color of container and spacing etc. 
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Did you ever solve this? I’m trying to style the scroll bar too. 


hello, did you ever figure this out?