Native Mobile ListView OnClick Nanoflow Not Working

I have a ListView on Home page with database source. Inside it, each item is a “{Name}” placed in a container. I have tried OnClick action for this ListView in two ways: Set a nanoflow in On Click of List View widget Set a nanaflow in On Click of container widget used inside the ListView (container that is having each item of ListView) In both cases, the OnClick nanoflow is called when user clicks an item for the first time. This nanoflow will open another page and pass the selected/clicked object. Everything is working fine on the new page opened. Now when user goes back to home page from navigation and clicks that ListView item again to open the detail page, nothing happens. OnClick nanoflow is not called. Only reloading the app solves this problem and again OnClick will work only for the first time This problem started to appear suddenly without any changes in the OnClick Nanoflow. Also no change is made to items of ListView in the UI.  I have added a log message at beginning of the nanoflow to test when it is called. Log only appears for the first time and never again when user comes back to home page. This issue happens when viewed via Make it Native app and also in installed apk  Mendix 8.17.0
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