Is there any way to run Make It Native on Android Virtual Device?

Hello Folks,    I’ve been trying to test my native app on a virtual machine provided by Android Studio. BlueStacks emulator runs fine, but BlueStacks is not intended for app development, but for gaming. There’s a post in the forum about this issue: but the recommended answer doesn’t work. I was abble to install the APK directly to the virtual device (no needing to use the PlayStore), available here: however unfortunately the app doesn't run (it says that is not compatible with this system)   Anyone was able to run the Make-It-Native app on the virtual machine?  Or, is there a way to have access to the Make-It-Native source code, so that we could build the app targeting the Android Virtual Machine?   Thanks in advance.
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Hi Vinicius,

what is your issue with the PlayStore?

I am running the Make It Native App from Google PlayStore via a Virtual Device on the Android Virtual Device Manager that comes with Android Studio.

The only thing that does not work for me is the QR code scanner. So I have to insert the app URL manually.





BlueStacks targets gamers, still it is one of the best emulators around. I took a license for it, this gets rid of the game commercials and allows for theme selection. One of the options is a clean, business-like UI.

If you want to run on an Android Virtual Device, create a build of your app, clone the repo to your laptop and build it in Android Studio.