Push Notifications... Documentation error or something else?

We always use the CLI for building our mobile apps and need to continue to do so because of customizations not yet available in the GUI.  During a recent rebuild of all of our mobile apps and environments I noticed something strange. I built a test app to confirm.   Edit: I am also seeing an error in the CLI: Error: Patch file found for package messaging which is not present at node_modules/@react-native-firebase/messaging   The documentation for implementing Push Notifications states the following: If you go through the steps and if you toggle the boolean for both Android and iOS to true, I see the following in the CLI and any attempt the run the project ends up with several errors being logged in Xcode:   I ran an additional test where I do not toggle the boolean values in the two files and I then get this from the CLI     I was not aware that Mendix was supporting Firebase beyond 6.19. Why are the two processes different in that they install different versions of firebase and one also does not show that PN is enabled for the project but the one that is set to false does?
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For anyone that may encounter similar issues in the future. It was discovered that while using the regenerate command through the CLI, it may attempt to force the Native Template to be upgraded to a version that is incompatible with the Studio Pro version being used (in my case it is 8.15.1 trying to install NT v6.0 which is for Studio Pro v9+)


When this happened it may have added an additional file to the patches folder that needs to be removed.  In my case it was trying to add react-native-firebase+messaging+10.1.0.patch

What I did to solve was to remove the file, push to GitHub and replaced the Native Template with the correct version and I did this by opening the NB GUI where it prompted me to complete the installation.