Change language in Native app

Hi everyone, I've a native app in which there is a page for profile. In this page you can change your language. But this language isn't saved in the server. How can I do this?   Kind regards, Steven Keersmaekers   UPDATE ANSWER We fixed it with an onchange nanoflow on user/user_language reference selector. in this nanoflow we do folowing: commit of user sub microflow ACT_SaveLanguage in this microflow we have a parameter “languagecode” which is ‘$User/System.User_Language/System.Language/Code’ and we do the following: retrieve language based on languagecode change currentuser → set retrieved language as system language then we do a javascript action JS_Reload with following code I hope this helps you guys!
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Hi Steven,

I have the same issue. I can’t change the language in native.

Anyone knows the solution to this?