Native and Responsive in 1 Project.

Hi all, I am trying to make a native and a responsive app in one. Both of these views (native and responsive) are made in the same project, and they work when i run them separately. Because native apps and responsive apps can’t have the same pages, i made different ones for either of them. Both of these views contains fields where you can insert information as a user, like comments or agenda points. Is it possible to insert information like a comment or agenda point in the Native version and see this exact information also in your webbrowser (responsive) version? Both of the applications use the same domain model. I would like to know this because the meaning of this app is that you can use it on your phone and someone else can download this information through their webbrowser version by XML export. Thank you in advance! :)    
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A native app has the same objects as the webapp, but stored on the mobile device itself. When a synchronise event is triggered, any changes to these objects will be sent to the Mendix runtime and stored in the database, from where they can be retrieved and viewed on a webpage.
When a new object is created on a mobile device, it will also become available for a webpage after synchronisation.

So basically, when a user enters data in the native app, another user can view that data on a webpage as soon as the synchronize activity finishes.