Trying to test a native mobile app on phone

Hello, I’m trying to test a native mobile app (studio version 8.18.1) on my phone with Mendix Make It Native but although the app is running I keep getting an error saying: Mendix Studio Pro not running; We cannot detect your runtime. Does anyone know what this error might be? Thank you in advance.
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It means your phone and your computer are unable to connect. Make sure they are on the same network, that the network is not restricted and that your port 8083 is not in use by some other program.



I have the same problem. After I installed Mendix 9 ( beta) , i can’t run my Nativ App on Make it Nativ  with version 8.18.

What I’ve done so far:
-Deinstall Mendix 9 

- Deinstall and then install Mendix 8.18  again 

-Change port several times

-Both phone and computer are on the same network

- Deinstall and install Make it nativ on mobile

-Restart my PC several times


I have faced this error before , but everytime when I restart my pc it works fine, i don’t know whats wrong this time. Any suggestions?