Native builder Release v1.0.80 not working anymore FATAL ERROR: JavaScript heap out of memory message

Hi, Since we use the latest update of the UI Native builder Release v1.0.80 we cannot create new iOS en Android Native app Builds anymore :-( After a couple of minutes the build fails and this is what we see in the logging of the builder: warn Failed to chmod xsel: EPERM: operation not permitted, chmod 'C:\\modeler\tools\node\node_modules\react-native\node_modules\@react-native-community\cli\build\commands\server\external\xsel' Loading dependency graph, done. FATAL ERROR: Ineffective mark-compacts near heap limit Allocation failed - JavaScript heap out of memory Do other projects have this issue as well or do you have a solution for the problem? Thanks!
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Hi Cillus,

I am experiencing a similar issue with the native builder in version 8.18.5. The error message is very similar and occurs whilst attempting to build the android app. This always happens between 5 and 7 minutes of the build.

Here is forum card I created:

Have you had any success with a solution yet?