Native app: Safe Area for iPhone 12 (Pro) seems broken for menu bar after update Native builder.

Ever since we have the latest Native Builder, the Safe Area for iPhone 12 (Pro) seems broken. We have had no issues with this before, and on - for example - on iPhone XR or other iphones it still works. (see attached screenshots) Yet on iPhone 12 the navigation disappears in the safe area of the phone. In most cases, adding the Safe Area widget to the bottom of the page ensures the safe area, however, it's not possible to add this underneath the navigation (menu bar) in for example the layout.   Please help use how to solve this.     Good to know: It worked before! Same Mendix version 8.17.0 / old Native builder)
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Any update on this? We are also experiencing problems with the new Native builder...


Have the same problem in our project on Mendix 9.24.2. Have you found any solutions?


Credits go to Pim van der Nol and Sophie Bakker on the slack channel. You need to add

iPhone13,1 : iPhone 12 Mini
iPhone13,2 : iPhone 12
iPhone13,3 : iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone13,4 : iPhone 12 Pro Max

to the switch case options.