Alternative checkbox/toggle native apps

Hi all, We’ve build a native mobile application in which we use a toggle to set a specific setting on/off. Therefore we use the checkbox input widget which is rendered as a toggle in native.  It is working, but we are not very happy with the way it works, especially on Android. It is small and you also have to click and cannot really slide it. Is there anyone who knows if there is an alternative or if it is possible to change something in the styling of the checkbox.js in order to make it more user friendly? Thanks in advance!
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You might be interested in my Native Checkbox widget:

It’s not on the marketplace (yet) but it’s there on GitHub. The widget provides 2 placeholders – one is rendered when the Boolean attribute is false, then other when it’s true. You can put an icon or image of your choice in there for a checked or unchecked status, and the value is toggled by a single tap.