ImageViewer gives errors on iOS (iPhone) hybrid app

We are upgrading the myHU app from 7.23.19 to 8.18.2. This results in errors in the hybrid iOS app.   When an image is shown in the imageviewer and the name of the image contains a space or & or multiple dots the iPhone app raises an error and the image is not shown. In Android and the responsive layout it works fine. I've noticed that in the generated HTML the URL to the image is different. In Mendix 7 it was this <img class="mx-image mx-name-imageViewer5 img-responsive" style="" src="https://mysite/file?guid=122342342432424&amp;changedDate=1604310698613" id="mxui_widget_Image_94" data-mendix-id="186_162" widgetid="mxui_widget_Image_94"> and in Mendix 8 it becomes this <img class="mx-image mx-name-imageViewer5 img-responsive" src="https://mysite/file?guid=12947848928707682&amp;changedDate=1604310698613&amp;name=SDGs On Stage - winactie 1.png" role="presentation"> The difference between the two is that the name of the image is added to the URL of the image. My guess is that since the name is not URLEncoded, the iOS app cannot find the file. Android and a browser are more flexible, apparently. For file downloads it also goes wrong in some occasions. Only on iOS. Has someone experience with this issue? Converting all names of all files to the urlencoded version is not a gooed solution, since the filename is shown to the user in several pages.
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