Native App experiencing performance issues - Splash screen is displayed for almost 1 minute after login

Hi Team, Our Native app which currently run on studio pro 8.18.3 , is having some performance issues mostly in android devices. Recently we found out that the db retrievals or logics in the nanoflow are actually slowing down the app on a low memory device. So we have started optimizing the app by moving maximum nanoflow logic to microflow and then do sync to device and use that processed/updated entity (or list) in the app. This started improving performance to a great extend.  However, still we are not able to optimize the time taken by the  splash screen after each login, I understand that it might be doing a full sync one the login attempt is successfull and loading the required data, how ever this is taking close to 60 seconds just to start loading the home page. Where as a full sync from a nanoflow is not talking more than 10 seconds.  So what could be happening in the background, if it just doing a full sync this should not take more than 10 seconds to land to dashboard.   Please help me in addressing this issue.   Regards, Hari
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Hi Hari Nair,

take a moment to check your native synchronization settings in the native navigation profile and your entity access. It's possible that the app is syncing more data than you expect, which could be causing the issue.

have a lot on this documentation

Narendran Jaganathan