Mendix Native - Intune SDK

We are building a native app for our customer. This customer uses Microsoft Intune to manage applications on their devices. With Intune, we can pass the .ipa (they are using iOS) to make sure that they can push this app to the right devices. However, Intune can also use policies, such as 'enforce a pin policy' or 'disable screen captures'. For this to work, you must build the Intune SDK into the mobile app. Does anyone here have more information/experience with using the Intune SDK? Is it possible to use it while building the app with Microsoft App Centre, or with XCode?
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Hi Kevin,

If you choose an “advanced” build type in the Mendix Native App Builder, you can build the app locally and include this library in xcode. However, since Mendix Native apps are based on React Native, if you wanted to actually interact with this library at all, you’d likely need to define a React Native “wrapper” module to expose the library’s functions to the Mendix app’s React Native context. 

There’s currently an open issue on the InTune App SDK github asking for React Native support, and there’s at least one attempt at “wrapping” the library that’s linked, but I can’t vouch for it’s quality.

I hope this helps. In the meantime, is there a particular feature from the InTune SDK that you’re hoping to support? Maybe there’s an alternative solution for what you need..