Converting Hybrid mobile app to Native mobile app

Our company is looking to convert our hybrid app to a native one.  I have seen plenty of documentation on how to build a new mobile app, such as the one shown in this Get Started with Native Mobile how to (it uses the Native Mobile Quickstart app template), but  I have not seen any documentation on how to convert a current hybrid app into a native app.  Does anyone have any Mendix how to’s or guides we can refer to  to get us started?  Right now we are currently using Mendix 8.18.4.  Thank you.
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Hi Monique, there’s no converter or tool that changes your hybrid app to a native one. You need to create a react native app from scratch, but native apps are always offline-first.

Offline-first is an architectural concept and the question is wether your Mendix project already uses this approach and or how much effort does it costs to implement this?

I would suggest this article on offline-first: