Native Mobile error

Hi,   I am trying to learn Native Mobile from the learning path, “ Build a Native Mobile Inspection App”. I downloaded the MPK file they gave. However, I am facing errors when trying to run the program.    It is giving me “CE6108”, “If the bottom bar is enabled on a home page, then that page must be included in the bottom bar menu of the native navigation profile. Either choose a layout for the page with “bottom b ar” set to “no” or include the page in the bottom bar navigation menu”.    What does this mean and how do I solve this issue? I see this issue a lot as well when trying to create Native mobile  
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For your homepage a layout is configured with the bottombar set to yes. If you inspect the properties of the page, you can navigate to the chosen layout (or via the breadcrumbs above the editor pane). In your layout properties pane you can set this.

But in your case, just add your homepage to the Project > Navigation > Native > Bottombar items > New to solve this error.