Question regarding Build a Native Mobile Inspection App online path

Hi, I have gone through this online path. However, there is a part which I dont get understand and they did not really explain that part. They provided an MPK file.   In the “Act_SignedIn_user” nanoflow, I do understand that the intention is to check if the the phone is connected to the internet to log in. This brings to my question: If I were to use Make it Native, or if I were to build the app by using the github and app-center tokens, dont we need the laptop and the phone to be in the same wifi? ( We also need to run the code for the app to work right?)    Why is there a need to check for wifi connection when both the phone and the laptop to be in the same wifi in order for me to view and use the app? I have tried turning off my phone wifi and logging in but the screen just stayed there ( without showing the error message, it does not show “no connection, please try again later”) so it confuses me.
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The sign-in flow has a connection check in it because signin in is only possible with an active internet connection to access the runtime and start a session.

It's possible to start your app using the make-it-native app while you're connected to your wifi, then turn your wifi off, and still use the app, since it has offline capability.