Developing AR/VR applications with Mendix

Hi everyone,  I was wondering if anyone here has any experience developing AR/VR functionality with Mendix. I know they have some built-in functionality but I have not seen many examples or heard much about it outside of some promotional stuff. Personally, I have very little experience with native development so I'm not certain where the best place to start is.  Anyone here that can share a little about their experience developing AR/VR, what is good and what are the challenges and pitfalls? How much expertise is required to build something functional? any insights would be greatly appreciated.   
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I’ve only played around with this a while ago. Looks nice and interesting, but also still in a very early stage.

Now there’s some documentation available which you can check out

I’d recommend to first start with a normal Native Mendix App. Also consider what exactly you want to achieve.

regards, Fabian


Developing AR/VR functionality with Mendix offers accessibility for those without native development experience. Mendix's built-in tools ease the process, but challenges include limited flexibility compared to native development. Building functional AR/VR apps may require a moderate learning curve but not extensive expertise. Start with Mendix's documentation, sample projects, and online resources. The key is understanding AR/VR concepts, 3D modeling, and integration with sensors. Realizing compelling AR/VR experiences often involves collaboration with 3D designers. While Mendix simplifies development, the level of expertise required depends on project complexity and desired functionality, making it accessible for those willing to learn.