Mendix Native Push Notification GUIDs

Hi, I am currently attempting to redirect users to a specific page when clicking on a notification, however the following error keeps occuring: Client: An error occurred while executing an action of <app_name>.Home_Native.container15: Input parameter 'Object guid' is required.   I am passing in the notification as a the parameter for the action Nanoflow and using the objectGUID to retrieve the object required for the page. Security has been setup for the NativeNotification object allowing all users except anonymous users to create NativeNotification objects.   Why is the GUID not being detected?
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Identified the issue and resolved it.

I was using the integer/long in the message data that was being sent, instead of providing the actual context object that was required in this case.

After I made that update the push notification navigated the user to the correct page with no errors.




I am sorry to bother you but I am currently facing building issues when I am trying push notification.


My main goal of having push notification is to notify users when my sensor value reaches a certain value ( my project is on AIOT and hence I am using sensors such as temperature sensors, and I would like to be notified when the temperature sensor reaches 27 degrees, for eg). 


I am using a free Mendix 8 and I am not planning to publish my app to the appstore ( My lecturer told me that since I am a student and this is an internship project, he wants me to do my work completely for free). I have tried building my app both locally and for distribution but with no success. When I built locally, it managed to build but I am not able to download my app into my phone. 


When I build for distribution, it cannot even build. I have tried to put my runtime URL as my IP address of my laptop as well as my web that is published to the cloud, I used this for my runtime URL of my mobile app. Both methods did not work. My app identifier for both firebase and mendix is the same: I used the documents given by Mendix to try out push notification but I am not able to even build my app. May I have some advice on this please? I am very sorry for this abrupt long message.