Unknown warning message

Hi everyone, I have a problem with my native mobile app and I only get this warning as a note:    Animated: `useNativeDriver` was not specified. This is a required option and must be explicitly set to `true` or `false`   Short description: A quiz should be carried out in the mobile app and at the end the status (quiz finished or not) should be set from false to true. This status should then be displayed in a web app (as information for the manager). Unrfotunately the status isn’t transferred from the native to the web environment. Both apps run without problems only the status isn’t changed!   Can that pose a problem? Thanks in advance!   Regards Fynn   Nanoflow:  
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Any object change that needs to be committed to the web app should be carried out and updated via a microflow that was called inside your nanoflow. The idea is to have an NPE that you can pass as input for microflow inside which you retrieve the actual PE and update the status after the condition check and return your PE as output from Microflow and use its values to update your local object. 


Hope this helps!