Conflict Resolution in data synchronization.

Hi,  We are looking for conflict resolution for data synchronization between Mendix server & multiple offline devices. Is there any way to implement conflict resolution?  We tried "Conflict Resolution" module, it is restricting synchronization of conflict data in the upload phase of synchronization but in the download phase, it is bringing server data to the mobile device so it is overwriting mobile data. Is there any way to stop the download phase of Synchronization?  Menidx version : 8.15.2  Thanks  Upendra
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I don’t know about Conflict Resolution" module, I never used it. But to answer your question regarding stop download to offline devices from server on sync. You have to compare the date of updated record last time. 

If offline device data is latest updated than server data, then add logic to ignore. Once in upload stage it will update back to server. Also try be more specific about which entities need to be synced.


I hope this answers your question.