Can Datasource nanoflow be triggered when ever a page is displayed in Native App.

Hi All, In my Native I am Displaying data in Page A uisng a  List View and context as datasource nanoflow and retrieving a list based  based on Current_ObjectA association assoicated with account object.  Account (Logged in User) has many A objects assoicated with it.  The user has the functionality to change the A object when ever he/she wants in the application . After updating the Current_objectA association with Account object, when i go back to My PageA the old Data is stil present which is associated with the older Object A, but  i want the Data associated with the Udpated ObjectA.  To make the question simple, is there any possible way in Native App when ever a page is called Ds Nanolfows called in that Page can be triggered again. I could not make this functionality work since the Ds nanoflow is called only for the First time and not the subsequent calling of the page again and again. Thanks in advance!!!
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Hi Dinesh, 

Can you try using the app events widget to call this nanoflow by setting it as the page on entering action. 


Hope this helps!