mobile app not showing correctly

I am currently working on improving the mobile version of my application. When I view the phone web version it looks good, but I wanted to try how it looks and feels on my phone and I downloaded the mendix app. Using the QR code scanner on the ‘view on device’ crashes the app, so I put in my address manually and got in my app.  The app being shown on my phone is not the phone version, but the desktop version, is there any way to get this to display the mobile version? Both Responsive and Phone URL show the wrong app.
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Hi Andre van der Wacht,

Is it a Native app or Hyrbid mobile App ? 

Are you having a separate profile for mobile ?
 if  it is hybrid mobile app you can design phone specific pages if you have not created. 
Next step would be put a split and use Currendevice token and navigate you Pages accordingly. 
Do not call the responsive pages to mobile unless you have created it in a responsive way .


Hi  Andre van der Wacht,
you have to make a separate layouts and navigation for native mobile to look responsive in mobile view
check this below for native view
and check this below for native templates and layout


Sorry I didn't specify, if Im correct you've got native mobile app, hybrid mobile app and also web app. The application I am working on is a web application.

I've just noticed it is not showing the homepage I had selected for mobile web, but that is an easy fix. The only thing I am still trying to figure out is, how to display the datagrid 2 as it should. that is still different on my phone compared to phone view on my desktop. For this to work on desktop, I had to add 1 line in my settings.json, is there a seperate file I need to add the same line to for the style on my phone?