Native mobile auto refresh

Hi,   I am currently working on native mobile to show my sensor values in mobile app. In the web, I was able to make the sensor values refresh automatically by using “Microflow Call”. However, this does not work in native mobile.     I thought that “refresh entity” or “refresh object” would help, but it did not work ( perhaps my microflow structure is wrong). I am calling this microflow, “callatestfield”, which is to get the sensor values from my IOT platform. Initially I tried creating a new object instead of changing object but it does not work as well. My entity, Top_2, is a non-persistable entity. May I know how do I solve this please?
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Commit your Top_2 object to refresh it in the client (check ‘Commit’ in the Change action would suffice)

PS, you're returning the $variable object in your nanoflow. Not sure if that's necessary?