Display the records with one to many association in native mobile page

Hi,   I am working on Native mobile app, facing a scenario where two non persistable entities say Entity1 and Entity2 which technically has 1 to many association. 1 record of Entity1 is associated with many records of Entity2. Entity1 attributes holds the value of user input and when the user hits the calculate button, List of Entity2 records needs to be formed in Nanoflow and display the result in same page.    I was trying to achieve the following. Page contains DataView of Entity1 which has user input widgets and calculate button. Calculate button calls Nanoflow, which creates List of Entity2 Records. Store the List using with the help of association in Entity1. And Page has List view which calls Nanoflow which retrieves the List from association and records get displayed.     Problem here I am facing is I can not able to create 1-* association from Entity1 to Entity2 (1 record of Entity1 is associated with many records of Entity2). I can able to achieve the same by creating association from Entity2 to Enity1. But I can not able to store the records using the association inside nanoflow, since Entity2 will not be listed for Change object activity.   Is there any option available to form the List Enity2 records and display the result records in page ? I don’t want to commit he records to Entity2 because its offline app, Delete Object is also not supported. 
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