Refreshing to-do list automatically on the next day

Hi all,   I have this idea which only allows the admin to create a To-do checklist for users to do each day. Users can change the status from pending to complete for that particular day ( for example they have done this task on monday). On Tuesday, ( next day), this To-do list automatically refreshes and changes back to Pending.   My question is how do I go about to achieve this automatic feature on a native mobile app? I am using a free version of Mendix 8, is this achievable? PS: May I also know whats the main difference between Local notification and Push notification?  Can Local notification be shown even though the user did not click on the mobile app? I will be building the native app locally. 
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If the admin makes a new list every day, you could just save them as new objects in your database with the date the to-do list will be valid. If you then show the to-do list to the user based on the date, it should “refresh” whenever they open the page after midnight.