Mendix native mobile app not installed on phone

Hi,   I am currently building a native mobile app with push notification feature. I am looking into resources such as,, and    Before including the push notification feature, I managed to build and installed my APK file into my phone. I am including this push notification by using free version of Mendix 8 and I am not planning to publish the app to the appstore. I have tried “Build app for local development” and “Build app for distribution”, with the runtime URL to be my ip address of my laptop, version 0.0.0. I was able to build the app for  local development but I was not able to install the app. May I please know how do I solve this or do I have to pay for me to include push notification? 
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Always a hassle. Latest time I needed to copy the apk to my phone, we used to do this with adb, which is nice to get a bit acquainted with as it-student. Do this:

  • install adb on your laptop
  • connect your phone with your laptop via cable
  • open powershell (or command prompt if you like that better)
  • enter command “adb install <pathtoyourapk>\<yourapk>.apk”

If adb.exe is not found you can either add the path to your apk to PATH or go to the directory containing the adb.exe and run the command from there.

Also handy:

  • to check if adb sees your phone: “adb devices”
  • to check the manual: “adb help”

An alternative for you might be upgrade to Mendix 9.2.0 and use the PWA (Progressive Web App). Which is way less hassle, has no vendor specific troubles and is usable on your phone without installation troubles.

Also: adding stuff to the marketplace (used to be called appstore) is free.