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Hi all, I am just starting with Mendix and trying to style the native mendix navigation buttom bar but I need help, I looked in the documentation but I have a hard time figuring out how to target the bottom bar when creating a class in visual code and where do I put that class in the mendix modeler. We already built a custom navigation but when switching pages it has this slide right to left animation that we don't want. (If by any chance anyone knows how to solve that animation then I don't need to use the native navigation). I need some help translating the following into javascript for the native styling. This is what the documentation say on how to target it:  <app> <page/> <bottomBar/> <app> <progressOverlay> <background> <container> <activityIndicator/> <text/> </container> </background> </progressOverlay>
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The last line of that section of the documentation says:

The default class to style the navigation is named navigationStyle. There is no support for custom class styling on navigation.

So you should be exporting a const called:


There is some default styling and this const exported in the standard atlas files as well, so you should be able to find it there, copy it over to your custom styling and modify as you like.