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I've been trying for a long time to change the styling in the app, but it doesn't work. -First, does anyone know why I can't replace the logo in the app that needs to be displayed on all pages? I modified it in studio pro (I added under images) as well as in the project directory, but the application does not show the change (the first two screenshots). I also tried with .svg instead of .png. -I also don't know how to replace the background image (from the second screenshot) in the app, although I've looked at all the forum questions. One of the attempts is related to this example ( How do I add an id or class from a css file to a page when the pages have a .xml extension? Do you have any advice? Thank you.     EDIT: - I also don't know how to replace the background image  colour schema in the app, although I've looked at all the forum questions. How do I replace a mendix color scheme with another scheme (An example is in the pictures below, how to change from one color scheme to another in mendix) ? Do you have any advice?            
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Hi Peter Buric,

                       I think you can change that logo in the Atlas_TopBar layout. Replace the Mendix logo with yours. 


Result :


Thanks and regards,

Vijayabharathi V


The best UI that the Mendix platform offers you to make changes like this is actually not in Mendix Studio Pro, the desktop editor, but in Mendix Studio, the web version. You best first try your luck there, it will save you tweaking about in css. Here is how to get to Studio:

- In Studio Pro click on Menu-option ‘Version Control” => “Branch line manager”

- Select your branch and click button “Enable for Mendix Studio”

Then go to Mendix Studio by clicking this in the top right of Mendix Studio Pro:

In Mendix Studio click on the brush at the left bottom of your screen and you will see some styling options


For the background-image:

- open theme\styles\web\sass\app\_custom.scss and add

    background-image: url($bg-image);

And in the _custom-variable under “//== Step 2: UI Customization” under “//backgrounds” add

// Backgrounds
$bg-color:                                          #FFFFFF;
$bg-color-secondary:                                #F5F8FD;
$bg-image:                                          '../../../resources/yourimage.png';

../../../ because the root path is <projectdir>/theme/style/web/css, while i think the most logic place to store your actual background image is <projectdir>/theme/resources which you can reach with going up three times by ../, but that part you had already figured :-)


For changing the background in Native, I have not had the pleasure of doing that myself but see Eric Tieniber’s answer at