Native Mobile OTA updates release button inaccessible on Native Builder GUI

I have created and published a free app to the Mendix Cloud called Push Notifications in order to test the implementation of Push Notifications and OTA updates on Mendix 8.18.7. Following the documentation of how to OTA on Mendix 8 (, I am currently trying to release an OTA update for my app of version 1.1.0 and build 5, but I am unable to interact with the GUI button to “Release an OTA update via CloudPush”. The button remains inaccessible no matter which version of the app I input.  Any help would be much appreciated.
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Stefanos Markidis  9 days ago

The possibly failing condition is:

  • App Center API not having initialised. That can be a bug, AppCenter rejecting requests, or the token not being valid (UI might fail to show that)

My suggestion in this case would be to, one of the following or all:

  • Try to re-paste the AppCenter token. On different machines the same id might reference a different token with no/limited access to the project.
  • Check the status of AppCenter, but also on twitter. Usually they are more adhoc on twitter. From time to time I see outages that aren't reported on the status page.
  • Restart the builder to re-initialise the config.

When it happens would you be able to pm me the, .config file from <project-directory>\nativemobile\.config and the logs from the tool found in %localappdata%\Mendix Builder\logs for the failing machine.


- Update – 

Current version of Native Builder UI checks the presence of an Android AND IOS project in AppCenter based on the .config settings. In our case we removed the AppCenter IOS project at some point because we are not building for IOS.  I've built a new version of our app for Android as well as IOS (just a dummy). 

Now our OTA update button is available after setting the ‘Target app version’.

Another mystery solved, thanks to Stefanos. A fix will be made available by Mendix as soon as possible.