Node_Module folder is missing

Hi All, Im working on Native mobile App in the mendix 9 version. I got an error related with ‘react-native-view-shot’. The error shows, ’react-native-view-shot’ could not be found within the project.  when i created the builtin native app, there in the deployment folder we can see com,node_modules and some json files. But when am opening my mendix app in native mobile, here in the deployment folder, all the files including node-modules folder is missing except com folder.
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I think you first need to install the external lib you are trying to use if it is not part of Mendix (I think its not packaged with starter native app)
Open command prompt, go to project-dir/javascriptsource/nativemobile/

Run npm i react-native-view-shot here

Now stop and re-run the app in studio pro

The module should be available now