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Hi,   I am doing an IOT project which involves sensors such as temperature sensor etc. I was thinking of using the carousel to automatically switch image when temperature reaches a certain value ( etc: when temperature is around 24 degrees, carousel shows image A, like maybe the image is showing the temperature is in the middle. When temp reaches 28 degrees, it will show a new image showing image B, the image is showing temperature is very high.)    May I know if this is possible please? I have created a web version as well which uses gauges but this is not available in native mobile. I want to dynamically show something to users that it it too high, but I have no idea how to do it in native. May I ask if there are other alternatives to it? I am currently using static image at the moment, but I would love my app to be more interactive and engaging to users. I am using free version of Mendix 8 and I am planning to distribute the app by pointing the runtime URL to be my project free sandbox environment. ( I am not planning to actually submit my app to the appstore, I will just distribute to appstore but give users the QR code to scan to download my app)
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You can specify dynamic data source for Carousel widget. That means the carousel will retrieve images from database or nanoflow. To make it dynamic, just update the your image storing entity with the new image. Implement a logic that when temperature value rises above a particular level, update the image stored in database. This will refresh UI also with new images. 
Here are links to docs about carousel

For storing images in database, please refer to