Native Disable Concurrent Users leads to Crash

Hi Experts, When I try to disable Allow multiple sessions per user in the project settings, our cloud production APK native app crashes when it calls a microflow. Is there any workaround to this? Please advise me on this matter as I don’t think this is supposed to happen. Cheers!
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This happens after some time the app isn’t closed. Does this have to do with SessionTimeout?

Anyone can help please? 


Hi Leonardo, I have a similar challenge.  We have an existing web app with the user restricted to one web session at a time but now we are giving them a mobile app and we have to expect that they will open the app while still logged in on the desktop (or vice versa).
I have observed that if the mobile app calls a microflow it triggers the logic that disables multiple sessions.  When this happens one of the sessions is cancelled.  There is no log entry.  If you are running with debug on, you see that the process just disappears.

We need a mechanism to disable multiple web sessions but allow concurrent native sessions.  Did you make any progress on this?  Did you talk to Mendix support? 

best regards, Chris