Mendix 9 and cordova

Hi, If I go from Mendix 8.18 to Mendix 9 can I keep the hybrid mobile version for a while or do I need to have a new native or PWA at the moment when I start using mendix 9? Under deprecations here it says this: “ We do not consider hybrid mobile (which is based on Cordova) to be future-proof technology anymore. Therefore, hybrid mobile apps are deprecated in Studio Pro 9. It is no longer possible to create new navigation profiles for hybrid apps. ” I interpret this so that I can keep what I have but not create anything new. Is that correct? kind regards Johan
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Hi Johan,

At this moment if you allready have a hybrid application it will continue to work in Mendix 9, but keep in mind that in Mendix 10 hybrid will no longer work.

This should give you the time to switch over when that time comes.