[Native App] Error Building App with Native Builder GUI

Hi everyone, I am unable to build my native app using the Native Builder GUI in Mendix 8.18.8 even after providing all the necessary details. I keep encountering this error : My client has assured me that the tokens generated are indeed correct. GitHub tokens have the “repo, workflow” access and AppCenter tokens have Full Access. No errors in the build configuration as far as I noticed.  Upon clicking build and waiting for a good 15-20 minutes, it shows this error. Not too sure what this error is and how to resolve it but it seems to be related to GitHub based on its description. I do not think its because the GitHub account has not enabled Two-Factor Authentication because I’ve successfully built apps using the Native Builder GUI before using my own account which also does not have Two-Factor Authentication enabled without any errors. I also noticed that the name of the repository it tries to create on AppCenter is taking from the project’s name by default as seen in the image below. Would like to know if this can be changed anywhere in the build configuration. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you. Best Regards Kevin
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GitHub does not know about your AppCenter activity so AppCenter cannot access your GitHub repo's on your behalf.

  • Open AppCenter
  • Choose ‘Add new app’ in the top right corner
  • Choose any name. App will be deleted later anyway.
  • Choose React Native and iOS or Android, 
  • Choose release type ‘Store’
  • Don't mind the instructions on the next page
  • Click Build in the left navigation menu
  • Choose GitHub
  • Now you will need to authenticate and allow AppCenter to access your GitHub repo. Use the same account as the one you or your customer generated the GitHub token for
  • Once you see a list of GitHub repo's in AppCenter, you can stop
  • Authentication of AppCenter to access GitHub is complete
  • To get rid of the temporary app, click Settings in the left navigation, then click the three dots button in the top right to access more options. There is the delete button.


This is a one-time authorization flow. After that succeeds, builds will work normally.