[Native Mobile] Close Page not working for certain pages

Hi everyone, Recently I’ve upgraded my native mobile app from version 8.12.1 to 8.18.8 and all seemed to be fine. However, there is a nanoflow that we created back in Mendix 8.12.1 where we used a flag for the Mendix executable to allow for the Closing of Multiple pages and it worked perfectly. Upon upgrading to Mendix 8.18.8, the flag was no longer needed as it was officially part of Studio Pro. However, now it doesn’t seem to work on certain pages. Some pages somehow still work normally but there are some pages where the page just doesn’t budge regardless if its a single close page or multiple close page.    Below is what I keep seeing in the debug console log but I’m not sure if this is a concern or not. [dispatch]: {   "type": "Navigation/POP",   "n": 2,   "immediate": false } Any help is much appreciated. Thank you. Best Regards Kevin
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