Changing button size in Native mobile app

Hi,   I am currently facing this difficulty ( as a person with no programming background), which I want to change the size of the buttons in native mobile app. I tried following this link but I was unable to create a new class of my own. In this example, it says to add a new class in “native/main.js”. I copied the code and ran it, but it did not change to the color I wrote ( green).      I am not sure how to change the color as well as changing the size of the button ( I want the button to be bigger) when creating a class of my own ( since I do not want to affect the other buttons), but I am quite lost. May I have some advice on this please? I am using Mendix 8.
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Hi Andy,

What you are doing is correct but add your style code inside the custom.js instead of main.js .

Path: theme\styles\native\app 


For the size you can add width and height inside the container styling same as backgroundColor , either a number like 80 or percentage like ‘90%’