Error with Share Button(Nanoflow) on Mobile

How to handle the Back Button on the Mobile Phone with a share Button that uses Nanoflow? The share Button on my PWA shows an error when the device back button is pressed after clicking the share button. The sharing process comples smoothly and fine if the process is not stopped with the device back button. Can someone help with this issue. Thank you in advance. Here is the screenshot : 
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Hi ,

I Assume the cancel button may bet set to Cancel Changes, when an pop got displayed the cross mark action may be defined as Cancel Changes. (Make Sure should set to close page action). Its Will be on page properties section.


Try this out, if didn’t help expecting more details about issue.



Hey there,

as it is not possible to debug nanoflows, it is a great idea to use logs within the flow to check if certain steps are being triggered. The next step is to add some error handling on possible error-prone elements within the nanoflow to help show why the error is happening.