Is the Mendix native app architecture ready to spend time on to build a large ordering application,

Hi There We have built a native ordering application in Xamarin which uses rest api’s to integrate into our Mendix Backoffice.  We would love to build this native ordering application in Mendix instead.  Can anyone give me advice that has built a complex native application using the Mendix. Can the Mendix native application handle a large complex system? I know this question is a bit vague” how long is a piece of string”, but i just want to get some feedback from people who have built mendix native applications before we dive in. Regards, Patrick Patrick   
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Based on your description I would say yes, Native will not be a problem because the client side is nicely separated from the server, can get configured to receive only the data that is needed on the client side and can handle complex flows, just like a normal client.

Growing big comes with issues on any platform and require you to be smart in designing you domain model + indexes, setting your associations, using caching, using queueing. All of that is backend.

If you want offline-first, the challenge is bigger because you can’t use n-m associations.

Afterburner: do you need Native-specific functions? If not, PWA is also an option for you.